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emi project


EMI ))) is a group of engineers, composers and sound artist emitting experimental particles through strange artefacts called instruments. Not only laptop performers, not only “diy” designers… there´s something strange at these guys´ hands and heads.

Someone told me that they hate the gesture of clicking. I am not sure but I think they don´t use the mouse for their performances. No clicks among lots of ultranoisy textures. No traditional narratives but hedonistic noisescapes. Manifesto: Maximizing pleasure without previous theorical rules. First a experience, later mind release.

EMI offers sensormatic performances and not edulcorated frappuccinos. If you like emis, you can taste it at an EMI workshop and became an electronic gypsy like us. You can find us in a pan european copyleft company that has the objetive of create floods of free electronic contents, including circuits, recordings and other free culture. You can join us at every corner and we will make more and more noise together.

This wiki supports EMI copyleft database. You can download all our experimental circuits here (images and cad files). You can write your own and send us a copy to publish them (see how to join). Also, you can find all the documentation that is used in our workshops and why not, lots of contents of the EMI activity in the past.

Enrique Tomas, Koray Tahiroglu and David Cuartielles, EMI project


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