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2006-20/07 Call for Experimental Music Instruments



I am very happy to announce you the new EMI (Experimental Music Instruments) activities at Ars Electronica Festival 2006 (Linz, from 8/30 to 9/05) and “La Noche en Blanco” (Madrid, 23th september).

Both in “Ars Electronica” and in “La Noche en Blanco” EMI (see brief description below) is going to develop daily workshops about experimental music instruments for all kind of people, with or without any electronic background. Also EMI will show amazing sound installations and crazy performances.

With this announcement we want to open our project to the colaboration of all of you that are interested in EMI subjects. The idea is beginning with the design of small music artefacts and toys that a person without any electronic background could understand and produce them in 45 minutes. If you have some ideas and circuits we want to show your work at both meetings and produce them if they are so much simple to do it possible.

Your circuits and ideas will be published at our web page (www.ultranoise.es and www.electrolobby.org) always under copyleft license of the author. In next days we will publish our first designs and circuits and we will create a forum and a wiki space.

If you are interested or you need more info, please send an email to warholiano@yahoo.es

Please, send this announcement to all that people that could be interested. Thanks you very much.

EMI Brief description:
Experimental Music Instruments is a group of engineers, composers and sound artists who promote the design of non-traditional instruments in order to provide the amateur player with a meaningful and pleasant performance experience. EMI Project offers non-professional musicians the possibility of experimenting with the musical activity, where pleasure is achieved by playing around with reliable music artefacts, exploring unusual sound structures.
With the use of open design tools like Arduino and Pure Data we are able to hack almost everything and turn it into a musical instrument. The open source enviroments that are used in EMI project give us an opportunity to develop instruments that map physical interaction to sound within a digital enviroment.


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