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Rotterdam 360º Soundscapes

Rotterdam Soundscapes

Rotterdam Soundscapes

360º Soundscapes is a sound installation based on a particular interface that makes possible to enjoy a 360º degrees soundscape that changes with listener´s orientation.

How the installation started in 2009

During October and November 2009 I enjoyed an Artist in Residence period at Foundation b.a.d. in Rotterdam.

For the final presentation  I decided to show four new electronic compositions in an installation format . The particular interface that I did (a spinning chair) makes possible to enjoy a 360º degrees soundscape that changes with listener´s orientation. All the audio has 3D spatial properties due to the use of binaural and ambisonic recordings.

Rotterdam Soundscapes

Rotterdam Soundscapes

For the composition  I recorded many hours at natural soundscapes of the city of Rotterdam. Each composition is about some aspect of the city:

1. The first composition arrived from the fact that the Laurens Church was resonating due to the vibrations coming from massive construction that is being built in Blaak.  I recorded that low frequency drone and other particular sounds inside of the Church. It reflects the specific atmosphere of non-Catholic churches: openness, happiness, etc.

Laurens Rotterdam by warholiano

2. Rotterdam Corner is a composition made out of sound field recordings in one corner of the city of Rotterdam. The specific synchronized rhythm of the events that were happening suggested me the idea of creating a work based on an internal beat, always present although very loud sounds cover it continously.

Rotterdam Corner by warholiano

3. Blaak Market is a real binaural experience in Rotterdam´s Blaak Market. My first idea was composing a derivate work from the recordings but finally I decided to leave it as it is. I only edited some levels. A multicultural air is quite present due to the many different languajes and their different ways of  intonation. The internal life of the market provides us a good composition by itself.

Rotterdam Blaak Market by warholiano

4. Travelling Rotterdam is a compostion based on the idea of movement. Every day Rotterdam´s people travel many kilometers by bike, crossing the Maas River within a dedicated bike tunnel or taking the train in Centraal Station. I recorded some specific points of the city where people use to transit, but focusing on the sensations that they have while travelling, not like an external actor.

Rotterdam Travelling by warholiano

360º Soundscapes in 2010 – Exhibition in Traun Gallery (Austria)

I received an invitation to exhibit in the Gallery of the city of Traun (Austria). It is a space of 240 sqm that was shared together with the artist Ursula Guttmann.

In that exhibition I showed seven works and one was another 360º soundscapes composed with recordings of Traun.

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