ultranoise [enrique tomás]

sound artist

Summary of Sound Works

Some excerpts of my sound works

– EME [Earth – Moon – Earth].

Eme [EarthMoon Earth] by warholiano

At least for me, not having absolute hearing or synaesthetic condition, if light has colours then sound possesses tonality, being it musical or not. For each one of Newton´s colours I have composed a short work based on the tonal intervals of our Western´s musical scale. The structural principle is the sequence of notes, arranged in a way that produces a total neutral harmony. Then, each piece uses a different sequence evoking a new sound tonality. Over this basic principle I have included some sound artifacts (or tonality artifacts) for extending timbre and rhythm. All these seven parts of the composition don´t have a defined starting or ending point, we just perceive them during a particular window of time, being conceptually infinite in duration.

– Work for the sculpture “El Elogio del Horizonte” by Eduardo Chilida. Part of the work for No-Tours (2009).

– Concert as part of the trio endphase in Madrid (2009)
– More endphase. Endphase 13 in Offlimits (2008).
– Live Concert in Radar Club (2006)

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