SDR (2016). 
Live Performance & Composition for Software Defined Radios
All infos here
Bagatelles (2015). 
An Electronic Flamenco Piece (E.Tomás & Ana Morales) 
All infos here
Tangible Scores (2014). 
Live Performance for tactile musical interface
All infos here
Linz Textil (2013). 
Soundtrack for Film "Linz Textil" (by A. Pevny)
Dur: 2:41.
Best Music Award - Cannes TV Media Awards 2013
With Intent to Defraud (2013). 
Endphase - conceptual electroacoustic improvisation 
Dur: 10:00.
Linux Audio Conference 2013
All infos here
adb logcat (2012). 
Conceptual Sonification of the background processes
in a mobile phone. Live Recording.
Dur: 27:52.
Listen (Stereo Version)
Seyðisfjörður (2012). 
Live Performance produced at SKÁLAR Sound Art Center 
in Seyðisfjörður - Iceland 
dur: ca 30min.
Listen (Stereo Version)
The Wrong Answer (2012). 
Composition for Dance Company Latanz 
dur: ca 28 min. 
Composed, performed and recorded by Enrique Tomás. 
 Listen (Stereo Excerpt Version)
4 Haikus (2012). 
Soundtrack Composition 
for Flamenco and Live Electronics 
dur: ca 45min.
 All the infos here


a balkan tale (2012). 
Soundwalk for a touring exhibition in the Balkans 
Composition in 12 parts.
Dur: ca 40m.
All the infos here
Enrique Tomás Live in mehr kanal #9, Kunst Uni Linz. 
Der Hirsch des Wahnsinns (2012), 
dur: 31:20, 6.1 format.
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Listen (Stereo Version)
Enrique Tomás [ultranoise] Live in Cidade da Cultura
Performed on July (2015) at Atardeceres no Gaiás. 


Endphase 18 - Mixed Cities 
Presented at 12.08.2011 in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), 
Sinkro Festival 2011 
Two players on stage and one walker at a distance 
of 2000 km, controlling the performance.

Know more about Endphase  here
VjDada [2010] Enrique Tomás 
(dur. 14:00) 
Real time A/V performance.
A RT analysis on the frames of Hans Richter´s Rhythmus 21 
composes a 5.1 performance.
Listen and see all the details here
noTours Series of geolocated soundwalks "noTours"
[with] since 2009

Listen and see all the details here
Opticks Enrique Tomás 
(dur. 8:31) 
Live soundtrack for the Opticks project (D. de Paulis) 
Composed from bounced sound transmissions to the Moon, 
All the details here
EspacioD Enrique Tomás 
(dur. 16:43) 
Coded, edited and Mixed at Barcelona´s Studio Moles 
in December 2010 using recordings of jewelry workers 
Endphase 16 - Live in Porto at Casa da Musica 
SMC 2009 Endphase [E.Tomás, A.Bernal, J. Pais] 
(dur. 10:00) 

Coded in SoundGasse Linz in July 2009, 
edited and Mixed at Linzer Berishas Studio in December 2009 
in stereo (original in 8 channels) 


Series of performances, interventions and noise actions with 
the collective #Atmosfera::Sustrato_Ruido. 
Played in different streets of Madrid, 
recorded by the Insonora Team.
Listen and see all the details here
Experimental Music Instruments, since 2006.