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Algorithmic Echolocation

Ecolocación Algorítmica EA05b (Algorithmic Echolocation EA05b)
Ramon Guardans, Adolf Mathias and Enrique Tomás

The construction of projections to describe remote events is an age-old activity. Maps, astronomical tables and the multiple variants of the almanac have always helped humanity to find pathways in space and time.
Algorithmic echolocation is a tool for exploring the dynamics of signals of diverse form and origin. It digests a set of data on a micro and macroscopic scale spanning different space and time magnitudes, and transforms it in a process of harmonic analysis. This process allows connections to be made between such diverse knowledge fields and contexts as the response of organisms and ecosystems to pollution and environmental change, the confining of free radicals in molecular biology processes lasting thousandths of a second, or the analysis of economic data.

Its applications run from scientific research and visualization to virtual, interactive installations in the art and communication spheres.
The project is based on the analysis of an important record of global metabolism, the Vostok series. These data were obtained from an ice core in the Antarctic and contain information about changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere over the last 420,000 years.


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